Tinian carries a significance in modern history that may be disproportionate to its small size.

Traces of World War II are evidenced by old airfield and bunkers dotting the island. Even more important, it is here that the first atomic bomb got assembled, took off and eventually marked the end to the Second World War.

North Field and the Atomic Bomb Pit

One of the most significant historic events of the last century was initiated from the island of Tinian. Though little remains of what was once the world's busiest airport, visitors to Tinian North Field can ponder at one of modern history's most sober locations. It is the site where the atomic bombs, nicknamed "FAT MAN" and "LITTLE BOY" underwent final assembly and were loaded onto the B-29 bombers that carried them to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Suicide Cliff

During the battle of Tinian, war propaganda led the Japanese, civilian and military alike, to believe that torturing is in store for them after their country surrender. In the absence of hope and access to information, many Japanese took their lives at this site.

Korean Monument

This monument is erected to honor Korean civilians, mostly laborers, killed during the battle of Tinian. About 5,000 Koreans died in the Marianas during World War II.